Easy Ways to Keep Yarn from Tangling

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Yarn tangling and rolling balls of yarn can be a hassle when you are trying to crochet or knit. Well I have a few wonderful ideas to help keep those balls of yarn in place and not rolling all over the floor. Keep the yarn contained and motionless is the key.

Easy Ways to Keep Yarn from Tangling

1-Roll the yarn into a ball if you have loose yarn and place it under a heavy clay pot, this will not move and you can pull the yarn from underneath

2-Place yarn in a zip lock baggy, zip it about of the way and it will keep the yarn in place

3-You can place the yarn in an old plastic coffee can with a lid, puncture a nice size hole in the top and pull the yarn through

4-Take a plastic grocery bag, place the ball of yarn in there, pull it through and tie the end of the bag. It works great.

5-Purchase a kitchen caddy for cheap at a craft store or dollar store and place the balls of yarn in the different sections and pull the yarn through.

6-Take an enamel Dutch oven and place the balls of yarn in there, it is nice and slippery and easy to pull the yarn from the top.

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